IAM covers GLS Capital’s involvement in Nanoco Technologies’ $150M Samsung settlement

Following the news that Nanoco Technologies and Samsung had settled their patent litigation dispute for $150M, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) covered the announcement and prominently featured GLS Capital’s involvement, providing a rare glimpse into the financing behind the case.

Describing GLS’ patent investment strategy, GLS Managing Director Adam Gill said, “the firm funds complex subject matter that solves difficult engineering problems. This case fit the bill: Nanoco’s patents covered colloidal synthesis of nanoparticles. The industry had been trying for years to make high-quality cadmium-free quantum dots at scale, but Nanoco figured out how to do it,”

He continued, “We liked that Nanoco’s technology was fundamental. The patents cover quantum dots themselves as well as several basic aspects of their structure, the materials used to make them, and the method of making them.”

When discussing the reasons why GLS Capital and the funding provided were so critical to the successful resolution, Adam explained, “Some manufacturing companies paint the use of litigation finance as a catalyst that fuels litigation by patent assertion entities. The Nanoco situation represents another story: a small company with foundational innovations, seeking just compensation from a much larger firm allegedly utilizing its technology.

“As I understand it, this settlement is incredibly important for Nanoco. It validates their pioneering work and their technology platform, establishes the strength and importance of their intellectual property, and provides funding for their ongoing research and development of new products and applications.”

IAM’s coverage of the case highlights the growing importance of litigation finance in the patent and IP spaces. With the cost of litigating often being prohibitively high, GLS Capital and the litigation finance industry more broadly, offers a solution to these companies and patent owners seeking to defend their rights in court.

We are pleased to have our involvement in this case recognized by IAM and the wider legal industry. It serves as a testament to our impact and commitment to providing equal access to justice and providing the support and resources that businesses and patent owners need to navigate the complexities of the legal system to secure a fair and just outcome.

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