Managing Director Adam Gill Interviewed on ‘Understanding IP Matters’ Podcast

“We are an important part of the ecosystem. We support the ability to enforce rights and IP. And I think a lot of potential defendants or defendants might not like the presence of litigation finance providers because we level the playing field.”

-Adam Gill on the positive impact of
litigation funding for IP matters

Earlier this month, GLS Capital Co-founder and Managing Director Adam Gill was a guest on the Understanding IP Matters podcast. In Episode 8 of Season 2, host Bruce Berman interviewed Adam and guest Efrat Kasznik, President of Foresight Valuation Group, to guide listeners through a better understanding of the mechanisms around valuing and monetizing intellectual property and patents.

Now in its second season, ‘Understanding IP Matters’ “explores the intellectual property story of people who have succeeded in the world of invention, creative expression, and brand – some with the scars to prove it. “ ‘Understanding IP Matters’ is the first podcast series of its kind and is produced and presented by the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding, an independent, non-profit that provides outreach to improve IP literacy and promote sharing.  

Click the link below to listen to the entire episode and learn more about IP valuation, funding for litigating patent infringement cases, and licensing, including: 

  • Why litigation isn’t an effective business model for startups. 
  • The mindset of patent litigation funders. 
  • Why R&D intensive industries like semi-conductors and depend on patents and software industry startups don’t. 
  • The different ways intellectual property fits within the lifecycle of unicorns and new startups.

Understanding IP Matters Podcast

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