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Our Approach and Process
Is Emphasized In Our:

Responsiveness & Speed

We give our counterparties focused attention and timely answers.

Our experience allows us to make decisions quickly and move decisively.


We are open with our counterparties about our process and the status of their case.

We help our counterparties understand and appreciate issues that affect them.

We affirmatively highlight issues that we have found are important to counterparties.


The touchstone of integrity is meeting your commitments.

We will only invest in matters in which our interests are aligned with our counterparty’s.

We build long-term relationships with counterparties and their counsel by being transparent and fair.

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Meet the Team Behind
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Adam Gill

Managing Director

Jamison Lynch

Managing Director

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Managing Director

The GLS Approach
to the Litigation
Underwriting Process

We understand that litigants and lawyers have a lot of questions about the litigation funding process, how finance can be used, GLS Capital’s areas of specialization, and how cases are evaluated. This section will provide an overview of these answers. If you have additional questions, please message or call us directly.

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The Funding Process

There are five main steps to the litigation finance process.

We will have an initial discussion to determine if the matter is a good fit for GLS Capital and the counterparty. If so, we will enter into a non-disclosure agreement and collect background information about the case.

Underwriting is an iterative process involving the litigant and its attorneys. We will discuss and evaluate the legal analysis, available evidence, and case strategy. We will also evaluate the potential damages and whether the defendant is capable of paying a large award.

After underwriting the substance of the claim, GLS Capital will provide a term sheet that lays out the anticipated pricing and other key terms. After the term sheet is executed, GLS Capital will finalize its diligence and then provide its counterparty with a set of transactional documents. Upon execution, these will be the legally binding documents for the agreement.

After execution of the investment documents, the real work of the case begins. GLS Capital will begin financing the litigation consistent with the agreement. At the same time, we monitor each case and offer strategic input as requested. Our counterparties routinely express appreciation for our insight in their cases.

When the case concludes, the proceeds will be received and distributed as specified in the investment agreement.

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