Funding Criteria

Investment Funding Criteria

While the facts of each case are unique, GLS Capital invests in litigation opportunities having the following characteristics:

Commercial Claims

GLS Capital specifically invests in business, organization, and commercial plaintiffs with business and IP-related claims


We invest in claims that, after a rigorous analysis of the law and evidence, we believe will and should win

Funding Amount

We invest in matters requiring around $1 million and up


Our investments range from U.S. to international jurisdictions


Reasonably expected damages should provide sufficient coverage for the investment return without distorting the claim holder’s incentives


Defendants must be able to pay a settlement or judgment

Areas of Specialization

Commercial Arbitration

Commercial Litigation

Financing for Law Firms

Investment Treaty Arbitration

Judgment Enforcement

Judgment Monetization: De-Risking an Appeal

Patent Infringement Litigation

Patent Portfolio Acquisition & Licensing

Portfolios of Cases

Special Situations

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