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Law firms and businesses increasingly rely on alternative financial solutions for complex legal matters. GLS Capital is one of the world’s largest private investment firms focusing on legal and regulatory risk.

Our years of experience make the process faster and easier for you, and our financing can provide the capital necessary for virtually any size matter.

$600 Million

GLS Capital was founded by industry veterans that have led and managed more than $600 million of litigation finance investments. Backed by committed capital from large institutional investors, we have the ability to execute any size litigation finance transaction.

A Professional Edge

Our team is comprised of investment professionals with deep experience in both law and finance. We build long-term relationships by acting as a strategic partner and capital provider. Businesses and law firms choose us because we design effective, creative financial solutions based on a rich breadth of experience in law and finance.

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Key Characteristics of GLS Capital as a Litigation Finance Provider

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We are typically only compensated if our client’s case is successful.

Terms depend upon a risk assessment undertaken by our in-house team of experienced underwriters.

GLS Capital provides funding for business and commercial disputes, not consumer disputes.

We assume no control over legal strategy, settlement decisions, or choice of counsel.

We provide capital to share the potential risks and reward alongside claimants and their attorneys.

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The GLS Approach and Process

Our process and approach is emphasized in our


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