Financial Solutions
for Complex Litigation

GLS Capital is one of the world’s largest private investment firms focused on legal and regulatory risk. Leading law firms and attorneys choose GLS Capital because of our ability to move quickly, close transactions, and our commitment to partnerships.

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  • Transparency
  • Integrity
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A Trusted &

The GLS Capital team is one of the most experienced in litigation finance and boasts a winning record of helping clients and counterparties through dozens of trials and more than one hundred cases. Our experience–which has received significant industry recognition–means a more straightforward process with quicker decision-making, shorter underwriting times and greater flexibility for our counterparties.

Industry Recognition

About Us

Delivering Results From Experience

We provide bespoke financial solutions to meet the unique needs of each case. Learn how we collaborate with the legal team throughout the case, and why claimants and their counsel value our litigation and trial experience. Our experience evaluating thousands of litigation finance opportunities and managing hundreds of millions of dollars of investments means faster decisions and a smoother funding process for our counterparties.

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$600 Million

GLS Capital was founded by industry veterans that have led and managed more than $600 million of litigation finance investments.

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Nanoco v. Samsung:
A Litigation Finance Case Study

“There has probably never been a more spectacular public vindication of the benefits of litigation finance than Samsung’s payment of $150 million to settle a case… in a lawsuit funded by GLS Capital.”

– IAM, FEB. 9, 2023

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Common Uses
for Our Capital

We specialize in financial and risk management products tied to complex litigation across the commercial and intellectual property markets.

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We help litigants and law firms accelerate litigation-related payments at all stages of the litigation process.

Judgment monetization allows you to lock-in a trial win now and effectively limit the risk that your verdict will be reversed on appeal.

Our funds can be used for any purpose and seek to help litigants and law firms guarantee a positive result regardless of future legal decisions.

We help companies generate revenue by selling or licensing the patents it owns.

We create custom and flexible solutions to meet our counterparty’s specific needs.

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